Free download Gas Prices (Germany) v5.2.1 for Android

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The description of Gas Prices (Germany) AppAT A GLANCE ▪️ You see at a glance everything that is really important – the prices of the petrol stations and when they were last updated there.▪️ You prefer a map? No problem – the traffic light system immediately shows you where you can get the best price-performance ratio.SUPER AND DIESEL ▪️ Super 95, Super E10 and Diesel are currently available.▪️ All prices are up-to-date and continuously updated. Even at night, on weekends or holidays.▪️ Fuel prices often vary between petrol stations up to 20 cents. Even within a radius of a few kilometres, the price difference can be very high.▪️ Search for an address or with GPS at the current location and immediately find the cheapest petrol station!▪️ You have found your favorite petrol stations? Mark them as favorites to compare prices.▪️ The last addresses and places you searched for are stored as a history so they are always at your fingertips.▪️ Have you ever wondered how much your vehicle consumes? The built-in consumption calculator allows you to calculate your consumption at any time.▪️ Currently, only prices of petrol stations in Germany are available.Do you have any questions or suggestions? We listen!» [email protected] gas station prices are provided by Tankerkönig.»

Free download Gas Prices (Germany) v5.2.1 for Android

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Free download Gas Prices (Germany) v5.2.1 for Android


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