Free download Paint Photo Editor v7.0.4 for Android

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The description of Paint Photo Editor AppPaint Photo editor allows one to bring out the artist and creator in themselves. With a wide variety of paint brushes, custom colors, fill buckets, tools, and editing options, this app offers far more features than any other contemporary painting, sketching, drawing art or picture editing application available on the store.Features:Sixteen completely different types of paint brushes to choose from (eight in free version)Fill Bucket, a completely unique tool.Image Processing tools: Twenty Image processing filters to give final touch to your prized creations (twelve in free version)Ability to choose transparent colors, setting custom colors using a user-friendly color paletteAbility to load/save as .jpg and .png formats. Open any image from gallery to edit.Fill tolerance – an intelligent state-of-the-art feature that recognizes similar colored pixels and fills color between them accordingly. The fill tolerance level can be manually set.Beautiful looking shadow effects to drawingsTwelve different types of standard shapes for a quick draw. Can be rotated and 3D manipulated using two finger gesturesEight artistic fonts with bold/italic/underline options.Standard Pencil with EraserShare your drawings on a wide variety of platforms including Bluetooth, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Kik, Whatsapp, and a lot moreOffset drawing feature to allow finger drawing without any optical hindranceSmooth lines/Anti-aliasing featureAn interactive, intuitive help explaining all the incorporated featuresFuture developments by collecting user drawing data to analyze and review some of the commonly used features and pitfalls

Free download Paint Photo Editor v7.0.4 for Android

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Free download Paint Photo Editor v7.0.4 for Android


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