Free download MRT Virtual v0.6.2 for Android

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The description of MRT Virtual AppMRT Mainstream is the official Augmented Reality App of the Royal Museums of Turin.Through this App, you can discover the secrets of the Museum in an interactive and free way.Explore in detail the architecture of the Altar and the Shroud Chapel, their history and iconography, the raging fire in 1997 and the following restoration project.You can also go deepen the outer area of the Royal Gardens, in particular the “Boschetto” one, with all the natural and cultural grafts from the nineteenth century till today, with a special reference to the “Precious Stones” artwork by Giulio Paolini.Enjoy and learn by framing the QR codes on the panels located at the Museums, focus with your mobile phone camera and start your Augmented Reality experience.What are you waiting for?Download the app and start your own adventure.

Free download MRT Virtual v0.6.2 for Android

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Free download MRT Virtual v0.6.2 for Android


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