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The description of How to draw Flowers: draw Rose AppFlowers are the most beautiful creatures of nature. Do you want to learn to draw magnificent flowers? In this App, you will find a drawing tutorial with easy lessons for drawing any flowers. People have always tried to reproduce the beauty of flowers, to convey the feeling of happiness that arises when looking at a living, blossoming bud.Do you think that only experienced artists can draw flowers with pencils? Nothing like this. Our simple and comprehensible techniques turn pencil drawing for beginners into an easy and quite doable task.In this App, you can see examples of flowers in pencil and using paints in different techniques.❁The work on the drawing will consist of several stages. In every lesson, we carefully and sequentially indicate all steps so you can understand even complex painting.You can learn to draw beautiful flowers very quickly — you just need to master the basic techniques of drawing plants in stages. Flower drawings can contain one or two flowers or a whole bouquet. You can combine the flowers from these guides into beautiful bouquets.Drawn bell-flowers look very impressive, and the drawing algorithm is very simple. Firstly, sketch out a stem with three branches on the sides. Secondly, add a drawing of a bellflower — 3/4/5 pieces. Draw sepals, add stamens, select petals, paint on shadows for reality. Find out what else you can draw with a simple pencil in our App!The rose is rightfully considered the queen of flowers, so pictures with it are the most popular. Sketches with roses are very diverse — you can choose for every taste. To sketch a rose flower, you should start with a spiral, around which you draw heart-shaped petals — a lot, like a real rose.Below we add painted sepals, stems, and leaves with zigzag edges. To make the drawing of flowers more realistic, we use different shades when coloring. Training is the key to success!The depiction of flower arrangements is a very popular theme among experienced and novice artists — drawing the beauty of nature is so natural! To draw any flower, it is enough to follow the list of simple rules in order. One of the main advantages of this App is that it contains a video tutorial, where you will learn how to draw different beautiful flowers with a pencil and paints. Download the App, and it will guide you through the step-by-step process of drawing flowers. Everything is possible with our manual!As a beginner in drawing painting, maybe you don\’t know what material you need for sketching or drawing. You can start with the basic set, and the more different techniques and materials you try, the clearer and clearer the idea will be of why it is so different and which one is best suited for your purposes.To create a basic drawing, you will need (depending on your preferences):- A4 thick grainy paper,- sketchbook,- lead pencil,- soft colored pencils,- kneaded eraser,- blending tool (blending stump),- sharpener,- cup for water,- paper towels (rag),- gouache paint, acrylic, oil paint, or watercolor paint,- Brushes. There are many types, but we advise beginners to buy one large (for fills or large surfaces), one medium, and a small brush.Downloading this App you get free tips, advice, and instructions. With our help, you can improve your skills and express feelings in your art. Experts developed this App for you to enjoy your hobby in any place. Learning how to draw flowers with the easy and convenient App is fun. Try our easy drawing tutorial and learn how to create any flowers you want!

Free download How to draw Flowers: draw Rose v1.0 for Android

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Free download How to draw Flowers: draw Rose v1.0 for Android


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