Free download Draw : Trace & Sketch v1.3 for Android

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The description of Draw : Trace & Sketch AppUsing this you may learn and practice drawing. Also make tracing an image easy. Just select an image from the app or gallery apply filter to create image traceable. The image will appear on screen with camera open. Place phone about 1feet above and look into the phone and draw on paper.Main Features :A Short Description : Trace and draw any photographs.Full Description:- Trace any images with the help of camera output on your phone’s screen, image will not actually appear on the paper but you trace it and draw it same to same.- Draw on paper by looking at phone with transparent image and camera open.- Select any image provided as sample and draw on your sketchbook.- Pick any image from gallery and convert it tracing image and sketch on blank paper.- Make image transparent or make line drawing to create your art.

Free download Draw : Trace & Sketch v1.3 for Android

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Free download Draw : Trace & Sketch v1.3 for Android


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