Free download Confetti 3D v1.2 for Android

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The description of Confetti 3D AppIt is a 3D confetti app.You can draw your own 3D pictures and letters and turn them into confetti.Why don\’t you make your own confetti!・In this application, a triangle is called an object, and a collection of objects is called a shape.・You can draw your own 3D pictures and letters to create a shape and turn it into confetti.You can also see the confetti created for the demo.・There is a creation mode and a normal mode, and you can switch between them.[Creation mode]・Create a shape (free=free line, sphere, cone, cylinder, plane) where you move your finger.[Normal mode]・Select a background and move your finger to rotate the entire model.・Select an object and move your finger to move the object or shape.・Select an object and press the delete button to delete the object or shape.・You can choose from 10 types of confetti dance. If you select \”Auto\”, various dances will be repeated.・You can set the free spacing, the number of objects in a shape, and the size of an object.・You can set the color of the object and the color of the background.・You can save and load data.V1.2 Modification-Added a mode that allows you to create a shape (a collection of objects) by yourself.You can create free lines, sphere, cone, cylinder, and plane wherever you move your finger.-The dance of confetti can now be selected. You can also repeat various dances.-Added an object deletion button and a shape deletion button. Also, it is possible to move a entire shape.-You can also enjoy watching the confetti created for the demo.-Added a dialog for setting a shape and an object.-Removed the fall button, rotation button, expansion button, and move repeat button.-Deleted the example of use dialog , speed setting dialog, and movement influence range setting dialog.-Corrected the button layout and wording.

Free download Confetti 3D v1.2 for Android

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Free download Confetti 3D v1.2 for Android


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