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The description of Calligraphy design ideas app AppLooking for calligraphy design ideas? This app offers endless inspirational calligraphy designs and project ideas. It will help you come up with ideas for unique and creative compositions, decorative ornaments, inspirational quotes, illustrated letters and a lot of beautiful writing styles. The app also has an AR camera mode to easily get you started with creating calligraphy art. Position your device above a paper and trace the lines of your favourite calligraphic design idea.The app supports the following features:- An endless collection of high-quality calligraphy design ideas- Worksheets, including alphabets, to improve your skills- Inspirational quotes to practice- Save your favourite calligraphy design ideas- AR camera mode to help you learn calligraphy- Choose your own level of difficulty- Hundreds of writing styles, ranging from ornamental to brush lettering- Both traditional calligraphy design ideas and modern hand lettering examples- Elegant decoration ideas, with lovely swirls and curlicuesThe pro-version of the app also includes:- The possibility to enter your own quote- Modern hand lettering styles- Edit mode to change fonts and styles- No adsCalligraphy is an ancient art form focused on beautiful handwriting. Today, this decorative type of writing is still popular. It is used to decorate texts, logo’s, menus, postcards, wedding stationery and documents by forming, arranging and decorating the shapes and symbols of words. Calligraphy is a great way to relax and let your creativity flow.Explore both traditional and modern calligraphy examples in the app. Traditional calligraphy involves the practice of certain script styles and aims for a uniform shape of letters with fixed proportions. Modern calligraphy, sometimes called ‘faux calligraphy’ or ‘hand lettering’, is a big trend over the last few years. It relies on the fundamentals of traditional calligraphy, but doesn’t follow its strict rules, allowing for more freedom to play around and create unique pieces of art. In modern calligraphy, often different lettering styles are combined in one composition.Only a few tools are needed to start working on your calligraphy design ideas. It is traditionally practiced with dip pens, but brush pens are also popular today. Furthermore, you’ll need some paper and possibly also a pencil to sketch out the design idea concept. A ruler can be used to create straight lines or accurate grids. In calligraphy, the thickness of pen strokes is controlled by pressure with the general rule that strokes going down are thick and strokes going up are thin. Practice different amounts of pressure and angles of your hand to create smooth lines and fluid strokes.Whether you\’re new to calligraphy or a master calligrapher, boost your creativity with this calligraphy design ideas app!If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact [email protected]

Free download Calligraphy design ideas app v2.7 for Android

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Free download Calligraphy design ideas app v2.7 for Android


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