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The description of Spongebob Skins AppSponge Bob Square Pants. There is no person in the world who does not know this character. Now you can try out his skinpack / skins on yourself in the Minecraft Pocket Edition game with our mod SpongeBob skins for Minecraft PE in survival mode.The action of almost all episodes takes place in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom, located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean near the famous atoll. Bikini Bottom looks like an ordinary human city, there is a sleeping area, a suburb (Fields of jellyfish), Gu-Laguna beach and others. The main character of the animated series is SpongeBob Square Pants. He and his buddies often find themselves on adventures. The image of Bikini Bottom was largely copied from the city of Seattle, Washington.SpongeBob skins for Minecraft PE is an addon or mod that is familiar to us from the famous childhood cartoon Sponge Bob Minecraft. In our mod SpangeBob skins for Minecraft PE you can choose any craft hero from the skinpack series of skin pack: SpongeBob Minecraft, Patrick skin, Sandy skin, Plankton skin and others. Replace the standard Steve with the more stylish SpongeBob cartoon character.In our collection of SpongeBob Minecraft Pocket Edition mods or addons there is also a mod / addon map for the city of Bikini Bottom, which contains all the locations, skin pack and buildings from Bikini Bottom itself. The buildings are not empty, they are filled with the same fittings as in the cartoon. Everything in the city looks quite realistic, in accordance with the cartoon.It\’s so easy to become a childhood hero in Minecraft Bedrock, whose name is Sponge Bob, by trying our Sponge Bob Skin mod in Minecraft in survive mode. Calling your friends to your place, together you can pick up different craft skins and play different characters in the MCPE survival mode. Our skinpack is quite large, so the skin pack will not be repeated. Mods or addons of the Sponge Bob my Bikini Bottom series are very popular in survive MCPE Bedrock among fans of such a character as Sponge Bob. Mods and addons of this series are liked by both small and more adults.Bikini Bottom is the city at the bottom of the sea where Sponge Bob lives. In the game SpongeBob Minecraft my Bikini Bottom you can create a place to your taste, where your favorite characters from this cartoon serial will live, in survival mode. In SpongeBob MC Pocket Edition you can build buildings, decorate the city, create structures such as amusement parks, gyms and restaurants, as well as find work and relocate the inhabitants to their homes, in exchange for crafting coins in MCPE Bedrock in survive mode.SpongeBob Skins for Minecraft PE is an addon that will bring pleasure to the game for both children and adults.

Free download Spongebob Skins v1.1 for Android

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Free download Spongebob Skins v1.1 for Android


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