Free download Smart Blood Pressure Recorder v1.2 for Android

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The description of Smart Blood Pressure Recorder AppBlood Pressure recorder application is a blood pressure history manager app which is very helpful application for BP patients to manage history. Using this app you can save your daily and monthly basis blood pressure record. Add systolic, diastolic, pulse rate and weight measurements with note. You can see this record in blood pressure history.With this Blood pressure diary app you will always have an overview about your heart rate, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure as a note. Date, time and weight can also be saved with blood pressure values.You can also see the graph of your blood pressure values by using this Blood pressure tracker app. There are a lot of BP tips included in this application such as symptoms of hypertension and hypotension and diet of hypertension and hypotension.It also include all information about blood pressure normal, high and low range values, types of blood pressure its symptoms, risk factor, diagnosis, its complete treatment and preventions. Blood pressure recorder also include all frequently asked questions. This application also tell how to relieve stress.FeaturesSave and track your blood pressure values.You do not need an internet connection.Graphical representation of different blood pressure levels.Tips of hypertension and hypotensionAll information about blood pressure.NoteSmart Blood pressure recorder app does not measure BP. It only manage history of BP patients and give information about BP.We will always welcome your feedback to improve the app. Thanks.

Free download Smart Blood Pressure Recorder v1.2 for Android

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Free download Smart Blood Pressure Recorder v1.2 for Android


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