Free download Pingmon – network ping monitor v4.2.8 for Android

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The description of Pingmon – network ping monitor AppPingmon (Ping test monitor) is a graphical tool for measuring and monitoring the quality of the Internet or local networks, Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE. This latency monitoring visualizes and voices the ping command and measures the quality of a service (QoS) based on the statistics collected.When is the ping monitor needed? If there is a suspicion of an unstable connection, an episodic deterioration in the quality of the Internet.For example, you run the test in the background and quickly understand if this is your or your subscriber’s problem when Zoom or Skype starts croaking and videos slow down from time to time.How to convince your technical support that you have problems with the network, if games start lagging or YouTube jams from time to time? Usually, short Internet speed tests do not give an objective account of the net quality for extended periods. Check how stable the Internet is with this network test within the space of a few minutes and send a screenshot to the support.Pingmon will allow you to check the channel up to your critical network resources, if any. You need to know the basic parameters of game servers (ping latency, jitter, lost) so that your game does not turn into torment. Ping monitor will calculate them and tell you how adequate this server is for the game.The graphical net test is more demonstrative and friendly than the ping command from the command line, as well as shows network statistics in real time. In addition to a graph, this net test will also show the estimated connection quality for games, internet telephony and video.With the widget, you will always have the most recent network quality values in front of you.Important: this ping monitoring does not replace programms for checking network bandwidth (Internet speed), but can be used in conjunction with them to fully assess the quality of the network.Install a desktop widget if you want to monitor the server node at regular intervals.You can resize the widget by adjusting how much information appears on the screen.Test of net works equally well with WiFi, 4G, LAN and the Internet.The app is free and contains no ads. Enjoy using it.

Free download Pingmon – network ping monitor v4.2.8 for Android

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Free download Pingmon – network ping monitor v4.2.8 for Android


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