Free download Phone Clone: Data Transfer App v1.3 for Android

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The description of Phone Clone: Data Transfer App AppSmart switch data is an android phone clone application that uses as a quick transfer of data from old phones to new phones. With this Phone Clone app for All Android phones that support Fast Switch you can share your contacts, Documents, photos, videos & all other data.Data migration:Buying a new phone is a great feel but transferring data is a very crucial task to transfer files to the new device. It will require considerable time & effort to do it manually. Smart Phone Clone app data moving is very easy & secure from your old to new phone.Data Speed:With Clone Phone – The Switch phone app Transfer complete data over a secure & speedy point to point without any interference.Phone clone – copy my data is a secure app for sharing data from one phone to your other android phone. While this sharing takes place, all the data is secure.You can transfer files without any worry of a mobile phone brand, as our data share application is for all kinds of mobiles & transfers data from any android phone to any android device.By using this phone clone smart application you can migrate your all data automatically from your old phone to your new phone. Phone clone data transfer app any kinds of data with any size. Phone clone receives data is a secure app for sharing data from one phone to your other phone. With phone clone copy my data app Send files without any fear of Mobile Phone Company because our phone cloning app is capable for all kinds of mobiles to share data. Phone sharing – data transfer app support multiple & all file sharing include contact, picture, music, video, schedule, document, APP at one time. Transfer data in a fast way with our phone clone app. Share the different applications with this smartphone cloning app. The user interface is quite simple & you can use it easily without any hard-fast rule.• Open phone clone app• Grant all the required permission which are mentioned, as without access to your mobile this app can’t transfer data to a new phone.• Make sure that both mobile phones have installed the Phone Clone & Smart Switch Data app.• Make sure both phones turn on the Wi-Fi connection.• Select the role of your specific mobile phone.•• Select Old phone.• Select files, tap on the send button• Make pair with the new device then share data.•• Select the new phone button.• Make pair with an old phone, receive data.Make sure both new & old devices place near to each other.Write Phone Storage: Requires to store the incoming files.Read Phone Storage: Requires to check all the files that you want to send to another phone.WIFI: Requires to use Wi-Fi direct to make a connection with other devices.LOCATION: Location permission is required because of Wi-Fi to search for new phone.CALENDAR: Requires to read & send calendar data.

Free download Phone Clone: Data Transfer App v1.3 for Android

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Free download Phone Clone: Data Transfer App v1.3 for Android


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