Free download Hi5 Buzzer v1.4.3-20606.0 for Android

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The description of Hi5 Buzzer AppHi5 Buzzer is a free reliable time manager that includes: countdown timer, stopwatch and alarm clock.The unique design and user-friendly interface of Buzzer will make your life easier and help you manage your time more efficiently. Instead of tedious and inconvenient scrolling, we\’ve made large numbers and predefined intervals – this makes it much easier to set a reminder.In just 2 taps you can set an alarm, and in a couple more you can choose the days to repeat it. You no longer need to aim at buttons, scroll something or type on the keyboard.With the Buzzer stopwatch, you can time the time to the nearest tenth of a second, and you can add individual laps without stopping the total time.KEY FEATURES / BENEFITS:minimalistic and stylish designconvenient controlspreset intervals for starting the timer in just 2 taps… and setting the alarm in 2 taps toovarious color themesdifferent melodies for different moodseverything will work even if you close the application… will still work when the screen is locked… and if you turn off the sound, you will receive a notificationWARNING OPTIONPlease be aware, if the app is minimised or your phone or tablet is locked, you will not hear the ringtone when the timer ends. This is due to the limitations of your operating system. Instead, you will receive a notification, or alternatively you can turn on your device’s vibrate setting.WARNINGFor the best performance of our application on some devices, it is necessary to disable optimization of battery use so that the system does not kill the processes of our application and for stable alarm notification delivery. To do this, search for \”don\’t kill my app\” and follow the instructions. Find your device and use the prompts to turn off battery optimization. We hope you enjoy our app.

Free download Hi5 Buzzer v1.4.3-20606.0 for Android

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Free download Hi5 Buzzer v1.4.3-20606.0 for Android


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