Free download Digital Compass Sensor Rose v18.0 for Android

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The description of Digital Compass Sensor Rose AppDigital Compass Sensor Smart Rose Compass 16 Point is the best free compass app in 2021. 16 point compass app provide complete detail of compass direction and its free compass app for android users. 16 compass app can work compass without internet.★ you\’ll never get lost★ Simple and reliable 16 point compass★ this handy compass allows you to need the proper course regardless of where you\’re . Now the sole thing you would like is your own mobile phone!★ Virtual compass is that the best navigation instrument which shows four cardinal directions. the appliance finds your actual position (using GPS) and determines all possible geographical directions.The aesthetic design of this compass won\’t distract you from your priorities and can help globetrotters to form their way through many exciting adventures.★ This smart 16 point compass shows not only North, South, East and West but also the azimuth and there for the angle. We recommend this user-friendly application for all those people that spend their spare time outside.★ inspect all the extra features within the app:- Qibla feature will assist you find direction to Mecca anytime you would like it. you\’ll also know the space to it!- you\’ll build your own list of locations and share them to people- because of Air Quality indicator you\’ll know if it\’s better to not go outside- Practical information like altitude, sunrise or sunset hour etc. also will assist you will never lost during hiking. Flashlight feature will help find your way when it gets dark.- Guide will tell you ways to urge cardinal directions without a smart phoneIts professional look, magnetic and true heading, GPS coordinates and site will make using this application a pleasure.Take note! Not every model of smart phone features a magnetic flux sensor. If your device doesn\’t have one, main function of the app won\’t work. during this case, we\’ll propose other methods to seek out cardinal directions. pitying this inconvenience.

Free download Digital Compass Sensor Rose v18.0 for Android

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Free download Digital Compass Sensor Rose v18.0 for Android


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