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The description of is a simple way to get closer to God, strengthen your faith, and connect with people who feel the same! Wherever you are in your journey God has called you to be the Salt Of The Earth (SOTE). The SOTE.Life app is social media with a faith filter. Christ-centered content and community that will strengthen your faith and connect you with others.Join our thriving, growing community and be inspired every day to live your best for Him.BROWSE CHRISTIAN provides a simple way to be a part of a community where faith, hope and love are always front and center. Our feed features videos that will inspire you, put a smile on your face, challenge, teach and inform you. Open each day for an instant boost!FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE CREATORSAs you use you\’ll start to build a list of creators you especially love to hear from. Simply follow them and you can access all of your favorites by clicking the \”Following\” tab on the home screen.DISCOVER CHALLENGES & CONTESTSThe discover tab opens special challenges and contests that you will love to be a part of. Have fun using your creativity to let your light shine for our community.DISCOVER TRENDS & SPECIAL CONTENTThe discover tab will update you on the most popular trends on our app.You\’ll also find new and exciting special content that will take you a little deeper in exploring faith issues than our regular feed.BE SALTYWe all could use a faith boost and a little more of \”the good stuff\” in our life every day. Enjoy our app and let other people know about

Free download v2.0.8 for Android

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Free download v2.0.8 for Android


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