Free download POINT 3.0+ v1.0.69 for Android

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The description of POINT 3.0+ AppPOINT can be access in both web and mobile platform that comprises scope as below including six module (eMANNING, eTASK, eGTASK, eLOG, eBSAFE and eIDEA):A. Connected WorkforceAccessible anytime, anywhere. Now equipped with a mobile app, enabling operators to execute & update their tasks efficiently.B. Advanced Task & Workflow Management CapabilitiesIntegration of various modules & systems such as the Digital Checklist & Integrated Shift Log, facilitates greater collaboration, consolidation and automation of tasks and workflows.C. Enhanced User Experience & InfrastructureImproved user experience increases usability & efficacy; enabling seamless integration into existing work processes. The upgraded infrastructure ensures high performance and scalability of the system.D. Supporting HSSE Policies & PracticesIntegration with the Fatigue Management System (FMS) and UAUC Advanced Analytics promotes HSSE generative culture.

Free download POINT 3.0+ v1.0.69 for Android

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Free download POINT 3.0+ v1.0.69 for Android


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