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The description of DocScanner AppTime is everything. No one wants to head towards a scanner shop every time to get his/her documents digitized. There is no need to wait in line or buy a costly scanner to get your doc scanned. All you need is a digital camera scanner mobile application that turns your smartphone into a powerful pdf cam scanner app, which will indeed save your time, money & take care of your private documents within your palm.Then here comes this DocScanner. This document scanner app will transform your device (Mobile Phone, Tablet) into an awesome camera scanner that acknowledges text automatically with (Optical Character Recognition – OCR) and help you grow more productive in your profession and everyday life.CamScanner is a handy & helpful tool that isn\’t only useful for scanning clearly but also for digitizing all of your docs, business cards, receipts, ID card, notes, academic docs, photos, discussions, & personal tags. You can easily share your HD scanned documents as a pdf or as an image. It is a mini cam scanner within your palm.DocScanner is super secure & easy to use. Scanned PDF isn\’t copied to any cloud server for further processing. We respect your privacy. Therefore, the PDF cam scanner saves all documents into the phone\’s local storage.PDF camera scanner app requires no internet connection & works offline. It provides unlimited doc scans without the need to pay for anything.How to Use Camera Scanner App?Personalize your scanned documents according to your will.Select a predefined tab (All Docs, Business Card, ID Card, Academic Docs, and Personal Tags) to help you manage your scanned pdf files.To scan a document, open the pdf camscanner app’s camera directly or import it from the gallery into the fast doc scanner to get the finest output image quality.Click on the scanned image for more adjustment options.Edit images in the pro document scanner editor to save the image in gallery or save it as a PDF.Feature of Document Scanner & PDF Scanner App – Scan PDF:- Digitize Documents Quickly- Swift pdf searching & Ultra-fast processing- Unlimited shares, scans & document creation- No online servers in docscanner- Choose a document from your gallery or capture photos from the cam camera to create pdf- Scan document in color, sharp black, or OCV black- Select multiple photo from your gallery and bind them in single pdf- Scan a two sided ID card ready for print.- Automatic document border detection- Magnifier for clear border adjustment- Photoscan enhance the scan quality automatically and manually.- Advance Document Editing- Fast Search- Clear HD Doc Scans- Secure Important Scan Documents- Open the Scanned PDF within the app PDF viewer- HD image option for PDF Scan- Place multiple doc images into a single PDF file- Share docs as PDF/images via email, social media through camscanner app-Share PDF with password- Share all docs at once- Start editing docs from where you left- HD PDF Scanner and PNG output.- Fast Image to text- Rotate/adjust the visibility of your documents- Multiple color filters doc adjustment- Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation & exposure of your document- Add a picture within a document- Define your signature or watermark to make your document unique- Add image overlay & different color effects to create a more effective pdf.So what are you waiting for, avail this cam scanner app now to get the smoothest experience with outstanding features.If you have any questions or suggestions related to doc scanner don\’t hesitate to shoot us a note at [email protected] would love to hear your feedback.

Free download DocScanner v1.0.8 for Android

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Free download DocScanner v1.0.8 for Android


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