Free download APD Colony Counter App Lite v10.0 for Android

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The description of APD Colony Counter App Lite App*For automated counting versions, please get APD Colony App PRO*Colony counter app that can analyze agar plate images and count them manually using the touch screen.With access to the phone storage (cloud storage for certain Android versions) and also directly to the camera, fast and convenient colony counting can be done.Photos should be taken on a direct plane with the agar plate.Features of this app includes:1) Customized user input if necessary.2) Saving of settings for image processing for future convenience.3) Simple and button based user interface.4) Compatibility with landscape and portrait view of multiple sized tablets and smartphones.5) Compatibility with screenshot functions of analyzed images for publications or reports.6) Tags in image can be customized for color and size.7) Cropping function for images prior to analysis.8) Edit function to remove or add tags.9) Simple direct access to phone camera.10) Simple direct access to Image gallery for images.Benefits of using this app for publications1) Brings greater accuracy to your colony counts.2) Value adds to publications and reports.3) Useful teaching tool to science students.4) Streamlined analysis, reducing human error and subjectivity – you can now trust the values reported by trainees and less experienced staff!5) On the go analysis with the smartphone/tablet.6) The app costs less than the cheapest colony counter!7) The app is self-contained, no internet access needed.Userguide available as pdf at*Latest phones e.g. Samsung Note 8 may have problems with camera saving. If there are such issues, do use gallery.To cite, please use:Wong CF, Yeo JY, Gan SKE (2016) APD Colony Counter App: Using Watershed Algorithm for improved colony counting. Nature Methods Application Notes. doi:10.1038/ an9774Wong, C.F. & Gan, S.K.E. (2016) APD Colony Counter App v1.0 [Mobile Application Software]. Retrieved from app is a personal endeavor of Mr Wong, Mr Sim, and Dr Gan

Free download APD Colony Counter App Lite v10.0 for Android

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Free download APD Colony Counter App Lite v10.0 for Android


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