Free download Blurry Image Maker v1.0 for Android

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The description of Blurry Image Maker AppThis is an application that supports fast creation of blur effects. The operation is very simple, you only need to import the photos you need to edit into this application, select your favorite blur tool to process, or you can directly select the blur effect we provide you, one-click blur. If you want a better fuzzy rendering, you can also set and adjust some parameters, which is convenient and fast, without complicated operation steps, and can easily complete the processing in just a few minutes.Main features:1. Equipped with a variety of blur processing tools2. Provide dozens of blur effects for you to choose3. The fuzzy position can be adjusted according to your needs4. Multiple parameters can be set and adjustedDisclaimer: This application is for entertainment only and will not collect any information from you.

Free download Blurry Image Maker v1.0 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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Free download Blurry Image Maker v1.0 for Android


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