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The description of My Destiny AppAn app about science-based astrology called Bazi, a popular Chinese technique around the world, to see the past and the future, and to see the strengths and weaknesses. We also have our own specialty of how to prevent danger.The app is not just a science-based astrology, but there are other techniques that allow us to prevent the clashes direction, well known favorable direction, steer clear of the day-to-day direction of the individual, and integrate them. More in the future for the convenience of our Cambodian and people in the world. It can confirm the life-story and the life-story of others by each individual. Just enter our birth date and birth time into the app, the app will show you our life-story and clearly as a rule.As for the in-app commentary, not as in-depth as meet the Master itself, if we learned this skill we would know better, but if not, we can know when good or bad is not for us.But the thing is, this app can make it easier to find a favorable day-time, a bad day-time for individuals as clearly as a rule.App : My Destiny – Copyright ©2020 by Master Naly Feng Shui

Free download My Destiny v3.3.3 for Android

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Free download My Destiny v3.3.3 for Android


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