Free download Jurassic Dino Call Prank v3.0 for Android

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The description of Jurassic Dino Call Prank AppYou can now enjoy Jurassic Fake Call to accompany your relaxing time with family friends or colleagues, with the Prank Dinosaur Video Call Game application.You can make fake calls with dinosaurs, this application is very easy to use by all ages and very light, of course, does not take up a lot of data and memory.The Fake Call Dinosaur application has a variety of very good features, you can make dinosaur video calls, chat with dinosaurs and also voice calls with them.This application has very complete settings so that you can set when and how long the dinosaur call will start and end, with the applicationdinosaur prank call you can entertain yourself by surprising your friends by running this application to them, Jurassic Dino Call Prank is very popular with all peoplebecause with this calling application you will feel like you are making a call with them, besides the fake dino application we also have other applications such as, fake video chat with cartoon cat,siren head, long horse, scary grany, teacher and many other applications that we will build later.Thank you for downloading this application, I hope you are happy to give us your best review and a 5 star rating.Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated with any party, this application is made for fans and aims only to entertain.if there are parties who do not wish to contact us via email then we will delete this application

Free download Jurassic Dino Call Prank v3.0 for Android

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Free download Jurassic Dino Call Prank v3.0 for Android


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