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The description of Happy Days of the Week. Images and quotes AppThere are weeks that take forever, and it is very nice to have a detail with your loved ones to show them how much we care about them and that we always think of them in some way.Congratulate your loved ones every day of the week with these images. Mondays will be more beautiful with these beautiful messages, Wednesdays will get along better, as they are the equator of the week, and Fridays can be enjoyed as it happens.Share images and congratulate all your family, friends, acquaintances … You can also share them on social networks so that everyone can access them.In this application designed especially for you you will find the following.Happy Monday: Monday is the first day of the week, a heavy day that you can liven up by sending a nice screensaver with a nice motivating phrase to your friends, family, partner … Monday is the day of the moon.Happy Tuesday: Tuesday is the second day of the week, this day is dedicated to the Roman god Mars.Happy Wednesday: the day of the god Mercury, the third day of the week, in between, a fantastic day to motivate your boyfriend or girlfriend or your group of friends.Happy Thursday: o Juernes: the day before Friday, the ideal day to congratulate with a nice wallpaper to stay after work. The day dedicated to Jupiter.Happy Friday: the eve of the weekend. Congratulate many on the last day of work with funny and funny pictures for the weekend. It comes from the Latin \”Veneris dies\” of the Latin goddess Venus.Happy Saturday: Saturday, sixth day of the week a holiday to enjoy. The name of this day comes from the Hebrew shabbat, the day dedicated to the Lord.Happy Sunday: last day of the week, dedicated to the Lord, the Christian\’s day, dedicated to God and family. A good day to meet friends, a wonderful day to enjoy with the children. In ancient Rome, this day was called dies solis.This application has images that can be used as wallpapers, shared on your social networks or as a wallpaper for your mobile or tablet.With this application you can share images, there is no limit. It is completely free. New images to wish your loved ones and friends good morning.We will update the application constantly so that you do not get bored and you can always enjoy new content.The content of this application is Offline, that is, you can use the application even if you do not have internet access or are without coverage.We use images from the public domain, we try that none of them have Copyright, if you see any that you do not like or believe that it does not comply with the regulations, you can communicate by sending us an email. We want to be legal and comply with regulations.The application is free, help us to continue creating applications for you, if you want a special application you can leave us a comment with what you need.We hope that we value it positively.Thank you very much for choosing our app!Thanks! πŸ™‚

Free download Happy Days of the Week. Images and quotes v1.0.0 for Android

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Free download Happy Days of the Week. Images and quotes v1.0.0 for Android


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