Free download Secure Portal v6.7.0 for Android

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The description of Secure Portal AppSecure Portal allows you to access your secure communications.Secure Portal is part of the StayPrivate secure cloud-based business communication service. StayPrivate enables businesses to communicate with external contacts via encrypted two-way communication channels, helps businesses stay secure, stay compliant and offer great client service.• Two-way encrypted email, file-sharing, instant messaging• Separate private channel for every conversation• Military grade AES-256 encryption• Sole ownership of information• 4-digit PIN-plus patented authentication protection• Available on all devices and browsers• Fully secure data centres, monitored 24/7• EU data protection, including GDPR and industry regulation complianceStayPrivate – Internet on Your Terms• SECURITY: Military-level AES-256 encryption; in transit and in storage; patent-pending no trail PIN authentication; geographic resilience; secure servers actively monitored 24/7.• COMPLIANCE: EU data protection and GDPR compliance; all data remain in the EU under sole ownership of company; ISO 27001 and industry regulation compliance including FCA, SRA, FINRA, HIPAA.• ENGAGEMENT: Value-added customer experience; easy access from email or phone via click and PIN; no password required; communications and histories organised in one place.• ANY DEVICE: No download required. Use from any device, email or browser or via the Secure Portal apps.• TWO-WAY: Any message or file you send OR receive is encrypted and kept private.

Free download Secure Portal v6.7.0 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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Free download Secure Portal v6.7.0 for Android


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