Free download Portable Hotspot WiFi Tether v2.3 for Android

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The description of Portable Hotspot WiFi Tether AppPortable wifi hotspot free app helps you share your internet with other mobile devices and make your own hotspot. It is a simple & Free wifi hotspot app for android that you can use to share internet with other devices. Our free app offers 360 degree solutions for private hospot and security hotspot.Instantly to turn your phone into a portable hotspot with this no root WiFi Hotspot app. It\’s simple, and it\’s an easy interface with a one-click of the installation. This free tethering app will let you create portable wifi hotspot and any devices can connect it.Features of the portable hotspot and tethering app: Hotspot widget ON/OFF the shared network data service for WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth tethering interfaces. Fix the data usage and time limits by session, day, and monthly period. Share unlimited data through the secure mobile hotspot and with point access. Sleek user interface uniquely compatible with all phone and tablet screens Share your mobile data to other devices via wifi connection. This app let you quick access for wifi and hotspot settings.⭐ The wifi Hotspot provides you fast speed usability with excellent options compatible with 3G/4G/5G data networks.We designed our app extremely easy to use, so you can quickly share your mobile data from your phone and set up your own Wifi hotspot, You need to select the network SSID name, choose if you desire to secure it with WPA2_PSK, or you want to keep wifi it open, set the password and lastly insert time limit. Then the hot spot app will do it all automatically without disturbing you.How to use portable wifi hotspot app:-First, install the mobile hotspot and tethering app from the play store and open it you will see an app home screen with multiple options such as data, wifi, hotspot, and turn off time.-Select any option which you want and share free unlimited data with our app.-Also, you can check your internet speed with the speed test option-See your data usage details with all networks on the app*Share Internet data via Bluetooth:Start the app, long press on the hotspot button, after tap the Bluetooth tethering button. Now goto to phone Bluetooth settings and pick the device you need to share the mobile data with and pair it with your device.*Share Internet data via USB:Connect your device USB cable, join your laptop through a USB wire and open the app. Long press on the hotspot button, and, following, tap the USB tethering. Your device is now sharing data tethering over a USB hostpot.Now feel free and download our free portable WIFI hotspot app and create your personal hotspots and enjoy an unlimited data sharing experience!If you have any questions regarding our internet sharing app, you can contact our support team: [email protected]

Free download Portable Hotspot WiFi Tether v2.3 for Android

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Free download Portable Hotspot WiFi Tether v2.3 for Android


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