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The description of Appella AppThe DSGVO-compliant music school appThe music school app to digitize your music school.Notifications and rallies, attendance list, messenger, bulletin board, timetable and video telephony all in one.100% privacy compliant. Secure. Fast. Simple.Notifications and rallies:No more circular emails, circular phone calls and high administrative overhead. Users receive notifications for illness, schedule changes, or news, for example.Current news and upcoming courses are clearly displayed on the dashboard.Digital attendance list:Teachers record attendances digitally in the app and can add a note to each attendance. In doing so, the attendance list is always up to date. The administration can view the attendance lists at any time.Messenger:A messenger tailored to the needs of music schools. For trouble-free communication between students, teachers, parents and administration.100% DSGVO compliant.Digital bulletin board:Useful for school to student / parent / teacher communication.Important information and upcoming events can be entered here. When news arrives, users receive a notification. Also, users can comment on the news.Timetable:Users always have an up-to-date timetable available. Classroom, class time and class cancellations are displayed and users are notified in real time.Video telephony:Simple and secure. With just one click in the app, teachers and students can start online lessons and open video telephony.Translated with (free version)

Free download Appella v1.5.0 for Android

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Free download Appella v1.5.0 for Android


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