Free download All1Zed v1.13 for Android

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The description of All1Zed AppAll1Zed is an informative, Cultural, Social and Ecommerce organic mobile application designed for users in Zambia and beyond.Informative – We deliver true and unbiased information to our users by live Streaming Zambian TV and Radio stations on our Mobile Application.Social – All1Zed application is a native organic application designed for Zambian and regional user’s. use All1Zed app for connecting with family and friends through status updates and messaging.Cultural – Our mobile app has 500 plus Zambian proverbs of Bemba, Chewa, Kaonde, Luvale, Lozi and Tonga. In this app, user’s can now react to photos and videos in these local languages.Ecommerce – All1Zed user’s can now shop or sale online on all1Zed online Shopping Mall. Our Ecommerce market is designed for sellers to open Online Shops and buyers to purchase products securely using Mobile Money or Cards.

Free download All1Zed v1.13 for Android

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Free download All1Zed v1.13 for Android


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